my name is jo!! i am a self-taught artist~(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ✧・゚: ✧・゚:by commissioning me, that means you have read my terms of service!!


some of my past work for some amazing people (thank you for letting me draw stuff for you!!)

About me

send me a reference picture! it can be of you, your original character, and/or a friend! make sure to choose a solid bg color!

i've been passionate about art and drawing since elementary school. i love drawing silly things from time to time. i'm still continuing to grow and strive to improve everyday.i picked up digital art in 2009 and have been teaching myself (through numerous resources online) how to develop and create my own art. it wasn't until i started streaming and picked up my first emote commission that i wanted to continue this hobby and creating for others!! i'd like to thank my support from my friends and family for helping me in this art journey.


after ordering, you will be receiving an email confirming your commission within 48 hours.
if you do not recieve an email, your commission was not accepted.
please do not take it personally, as i will only take on work that i feel that i am confident in.if you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime and i will try my best to reply back within a reasonable timeframe. thank you!discord: daijojobu
email: [email protected]
ko-fi: daijojobu

commission info and prices

click for more pricing and information

twitch assets



twitch emotesUSD
1 emote$28
3 emotes$80
5 emotes$135

• ONE SIZE (320px by 320px) for each emote
• emotes are non-commercial, personal use. please let me know if you intend to use on merch for pricing adjustment



sub badgesUSD
base badge$16
+ recolor$5/badge
+ addons$10/badge

• 4 sizes (18px, 36px, 72px, and 300px) for each badge
• badges are non-commercial, personal use. please let me know if you intend to use on merch for pricing adjustment
• a total of 6 badges (recolored, no addons) will be $16 + ($5 x 6) = $46



+ extra details$5
+ blinking$10
expression(s)+$5 ea

• start your PNGtubing journey! i have a tutorial on youtube that you can find here
• transparent, estimated size of 800 by 800 file(s)
• base includes closed and open mouth PNGs
• compatible with discord-method
• PNGtuber(s) are non-commercial, personal use. please let me know if you intend to use on merch for pricing adjustment

chibi portraits

full body chibi


full body chibiUSD
base character$45
+ additional character+ 50% base

• will come in 2 versions: transparent and with background
• if you are printing it as a gift, please let me know so i may adjust the size and resolution accordingly!!

half body chibi


half body chibiUSD
base character$27
+ additional character+ 50% base price

• will come in 2 versions: transparent and with background




simple iconUSD
+ additional details-

• currently working on updating this portion of commissions, stay tuned!

custom icon


custom iconUSD
base character$20
+ additional detail$10

• will come in 2 versions: transparent and with background
• can copy any pose in a reference (unlike the simple icon!)
• eyes are simplified

terms of service

(subject to change, last updated 11/15/2022)

work timeline:

1) I begin sketches and send them to you for approval, any edits and/or suggestions that you have, I would be more than happy to do!
2) After approval, I will begin lineart and coloring
3) I will run the colored version to you for approval, edits welcomed (any drastic changes will result in a fee, but re-coloring will be no extra cost!)
4) Finished product~

general rules:

- by commissioning to me, you have read and fully understand my terms of service
- if i feel a client is rude or rushing me, i have the right to decline the request and/or give out a refund
- references are needed, i work the best with visuals along with a written description
- i absolutely love when clients re-upload my work, but please credit me
- i will send clients a work-in-progress sketch, if asked
- if i receive no reply or payment a week after contact, your spot will be forfeited and you must wait until i launch commissions again
- i do NOT do nsfw or any mecha commissions
- my art style is very SIMPLE, anything too detailed, will be simplified
- if you intend to use my art for profit, please state it on the commission form as there is a different agreement + fee
- i am able to use any commission for my own personal use as well
- DO NOT get my art animated without my permission
- i keep art files for ONE MONTH after sending the product to your email, i am not responsible for any lost files after the one month period is over
- if in the case i do not accept your commission, please do not take offense to it, as i may not feel confident enough to give you 100%. thank you!


- ko-fi/stripe or venmo preferred, paypal last resort (searching for other global options)
- payment must be paid in full upfront, unless otherwise discussed
- as soon as the payment is fulfilled (or the payment reaches the minimum agreed upon), i will begin your request
- tips are appreciated, but not necessary


- if a client asks for a refund before work is started, i keep 5%. if a sketch is created, 50% is returned. anything past that, a refund will not be issued
- if you have a due date, you must let me know two weeks ahead of time, if this is a rushed (less than two weeks) commission, there will be an extra fee
- most commissions will/can take up to 2-4 weeks (not counting weekends) depending on my queue, the type of commission, or any life activities. you may ask where you are in the queue (i appreciate transparency and communication, feel free to contact me via discord monday-friday, i will answer ASAP)